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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So I went to the local casino this week and just as the penny machine I was playing began to hit big, a guy sat down next to me to play and immediately I noticed a horrible odor drifting at me—it was the big B.O.! Body odor at its very worst! Either this poor fellow had a medical condition or simply hadn’t bathed in a very long time. The stench was overwhelming. So what do you do in this situation? Here I am, finally happy to find a generous slot machine. But as I watch the pennies racking up in what should be a small-time celebration, all I can do is try to control the nauseous feeling quickly forming in my tummy.

I turned away as distant as I could and leaned off far from the man—and the machine. I had high hopes my new found lucky streak would extend to the possibility this smelly man would move on quickly—no such luck. The beverage waitress comes along, “drinks anyone?” Of course the man with B.O. replies, “I’ll have coffee”—not good. I hoped she might return with the coffee and the man’s machine might be so tight that he moves on—with his coffee. Bad luck again, for me that is; his machine began to pay, and pay big it did. For his twenty cent bet he racked up over $100.00 in a flash.

Meanwhile, here I am, leaning way over to one side trying to breathe some fresh air and allow my machine to finish paying off so I can leave. I can’t say the $30.00 I won was worth the “pain,” but it did make me wonder… did he ever notice I was swaying away from him? If so, did he wonder why, or does he know he smells bad? Does a person with extreme body odor not smell themselves at some point? Is it necessary for a person to carry Vicks Vapor Rub in their pocket for such instances? Would it be considered truly rude to inform an individual about their odor problem? What about bad breath? I guess that’s a whole different topic; maybe tomorrows post.



Karen & Gerard Zemek March 20, 2010 at 9:46 AM  

That's BO smell is awful. Sometimes one of those B.O. people will sit near me on the bus! If they're nearby in another seat, I just move but if they sit next to me, I just turn away and stare out the window hoping they will get off soon.

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