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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Tired of Being Victimized

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This has been an awful time for us. I can’t recall that in the past we’ve had to deal much with crime, but it sure seems we are being “victimized” in excess this year—so far!

It began in December with the break-in and vandalism of our rental home in Oregon. Thieves literally broke down the glass doors and frame, entered, and ransacked the house. More unfortunate is that the house was rented out at the time to a nice gentleman living a “normal,” simple, and honest life. Many of his valuables were stolen. The physical damage to the home cost us over $1,000 to repair. With a $1000 deductable and the fact we had just began a new policy with a new insurance company “that same day,” we were basically “screwed!

Then a few weeks back, a man in Lincoln City shot a police officer and fled. He was cornered and escaped into a housing tract in Waldport. The same tract we have our vacation rental home. We couldn’t allow our scheduled guests to enter the home so all reservations were cancelled for a week. Not only did we lose an estimated $700 in rents (needed to make the payment on the home), but our housekeeper and many others who work in this tract lost their income as did the businesses in town who rely on the tourists to provide their living.

Finally, this week while we are in California, a couple living upstairs from us moved out. In the process of moving, they illegally dumped appliances and furniture in the complex. My husband and I were approached once each for information on the couples activities. Neither one of us even knew of the happenings, but because we are staying directly below the couple, everyone assumed we did—including the couple who thought we were the sole reason they were in trouble—in other words—they thought we “narked” on them. They were mad and let the world know it! That night they made their final move out of the complex.

We woke in the morning to find our car gas cap had been removed. So what are we to think? We can’t start the car in case they put something in the gas tank. So here we go again…tow truck and $400 later to remove the gas tank and see if anything was done to it. I find it hard to be around young people who think the world “owes” them something.

So what’s up here? Is the world going mad? Or is it just dumb luck? It couldn’t be a worse time to have all these added and unnecessary expenses—for us—or anyone for that matter! I miss the days..that’s right, “the days.” Back when things were simpler, drug abuse was not such a huge issue, and crime was at a minimum. People worked hard for a living and were proud—and respectful of others who “deserved” respect. Not “Are you dis’n me?” from some 20 year old with a criminal record. Any comments?Share/Bookmark


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